The Flemish PM Jan Jambon will supply budget details next Monday.

Flemish government reaches budget deal

Last night, Flemish ministers have clinched a deal on a new budget. Official details will follow on Monday, but according to the first information service cheques will not become more expensive and the so-called 'job bonus' will be maintained. It is unclear where extra money has been found to make a start with closing the big budget gap of 1.8 billion. 

Rumour had it that service cheques, used to pay for household chores, would become more expensive, but this is not the case, according to unofficial sources. The job bonus, a fiscal benefit worth 50 euros per month for the lowest wages, would also be carried out. 

The Flemish PM Jan Jambon (nationalist) said that the budget deficit is a little bit lower than expected: 1.8 billion euros instead of 2 billion. Negotiators had the intention to find half of this sum by 2024, but it is not clear whether they have found any cash on this occasion.

No details have been released yet. This will happen on Monday when the Flemish PM makes his September Statement at the start of the parliamentary year. Possible new cuts will be revealed only then, it can be heard. 

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