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Vaccination requests 'explode' in Wallonia, no effect in Brussels yet

4,000 bookings have been made to get a corona vaccine in just 24 hours in Wallonia. The spike comes after the Walloon government said that a Covid Safe Ticket would be needed in a number of places, including cafés and restaurants.  The same was announced for Brussels, but a real effect can't be seen in the capital yet. 

The news of the spectacular increase was announced by the Walloon Health Minister Christie Morreale (socialist) - normally Wallonia has 800 bookings per day on average. 

As from mid-October, a corona passport will be needed in the hospitality industry, in night clubs, sports and fitness clubs and to attend events. You can only get a Covid Safe Ticket or a 'green' corona passport if you have been double-jabbed, tested negative recently or gone through the disease building natural antibodies. "We want to make people think about vaccination", the Walloon PM Elio Di Rupo said about his decision. It is paying off already, as it did in France.  

The renowned vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme said: "This is important for Belgium and especially for the Walloon Region."

No effect in Brussels (yet)

However, despite the corona passport being extended in Brussels as well, it does not have a major impact in the capital yet. 

"Brussels has made big efforts already. But it will take time to reach all ethnical groups and all the different cultures. I believe the efforts to get more people vaccinated will pay off in the end, but it will take a while longer than in the rest of the country," Pierre Van Damme says. 

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