Half a tonne of cocaine seized at Ghent Docks

The Federal Police and the Customs Service have seized 500 kilogrammes of cocaine that was hidden in a container of newsprint aboard a ship in the port of Ghent. The street value of the drugs seized is around 25 million euro. 

The cocaine was discovered aboard the ship last week. However, news of the drugs seizure wasn’t released until this morning. The ship had arrived in Ghent from the Brazilian city of Santos. Most of the containers aboard the ship were loaded with fruit juice. 12 containers loaded with newsprint were also aboard. It was here that the drugs were discovered.

They had been concealed in 50 boxes each containing 10 packets of cocaine. The Dutch customs and maritime police assisted their Belgian colleagues in the operation.

Patrick Willocx of the Federal Judicial Police Service told VRT News that drug traffickers are using the port of Ghent more and more in their attempts to smuggle illegal substances into Europe. He added that police and customs are on the alert for a shift in the traffickers’ activities from Antwerp to Ghent. However, as there is less container traffic the port of Ghent is less suited to trafficking than Antwerp.

Nevertheless, there have been several drugs hauls at the port of Ghent in recent times.

The Federal Judicial Police has launched an investigation to try and find out which organisation was behind the attempt to smuggle the drugs through the port. 

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