Flemish Government to invest 460 million euro in Ghent’s transport infrastructure

The Flemish Government has announced a large-scale investment programme in transport infrastructure in the East Flemish city of Ghent. During the coming years the area around the Dampoort railway station will be given a facelift with a tunnel to replace to existing roundabout outside the station.

A new tunnel will also be constructed under the Heuvelpoort, and two new tram lines will be built to improve public transport. The Flemish Transport Minister Lydia Peeters (liberal) told VRT News that the 460-million-euro investment package is necessary, not least to improve road safety in Ghent. “In the interests of safety, we need to deal with a lot of traffic issues. To this end we will be giving vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians more space”.

The area around the Dampoort in Ghent will be given a complete make over. A tunnel will be constructed under the city’s inner ring road to replace the existing roundabout at the Dampoort.  

The Mayor of Ghent Mathias De Clercq (liberal) told VRT News that “We are very pleased with the news. The city authorities have long wanted a tunnel to be built there”.

Ms Peeters says that the Flemish Transport Department has opted for a Tunnel at the Dampoort as it will greatly improve traffic flow. Furthermore “It will contribute to urban renewal in the area around the Dampoort railway station”.

In addition to the work around the Dampoort two new tram lines are to be constructed. Bus 70 will be replaced by tram route 7. This will run between the Dampoort and the Saint-Peter’s railway stations and onwards to the Parkbos.

A new tram tunnel will be built near to the MSK and S.M.A.K museums. A museum square will also be constructed. A date still has to be set for the start of the work. 

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