Papier version of Passenger Localisation Form to be scrapped from Friday

The paper version of the Passenger Localisation (PLF) that everyone entering Belgium that has been abroad for longer than 48 hours and plans to stay in Belgium for longer than two days has to fill in will cease to exist from 1 October. The ministerial decree that brings into law the coronavirus measures that will be in force from the start of next month states that from Friday the PLF will only continue to exist in digital form. 

Currently those coming to Belgium or returning here from a trip abroad are able to choose whether to fill in the PFL online or on paper. Although the form will only be available online from Friday those that have filled it in will still be able to print out their PLF QR code if they so wish.

Measures will be taken to ensure those not used to filling in forms online will be able to fill in the digital PLF form. Airlines, rail companies (Thalys, Eurostar,..) and tour operators will offer assistance where required. The ministerial decree provides for a transitional period of two weeks. 

The decree also contains the other measures that were agreed at the last meeting of the Consultative Committee. These include the new rules on face coverings, the Covid Safe Ticket, and the long-awaited reopening of the country’s discotheques.  The measures contained in the decree are applicable until 31 October. 

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