Partially completed explosive device found at Palestinian man’s West Flemish home

The Judicial Authorities have detained a Palestinian man from West Flanders as part of a terrorism investigation. The investigation was launched after he and his brother staged a home invasion at the home of their sister and her husband in Antwerp.  They accused their sister of brother-in-law of being “too western”. A search of one of the brothers’ homes in the West Flemish town of Roeselare discovered a partially completed explosive device. He has been detained on suspicion of participating in the actions of a terrorist group and the passion of illegal weapons.  

One of the two brothers was apprehended on the evening of the home invasion in Antwerp. The second brother later gave himself up.

Police carried out a search of the second brother’s home where they found “a half-completed explosive device, gunpowder and several empty cartridge cases”, the Federal Judicial Authorities told journalists. The Judicial Authorities confirmed that “a man has been detained by the Examining Magistrate in Bruges after a violent act was committed in Antwerp”. The Judicial Authorities also confirmed that he is suspected of terrorist activity and the possession of illegal weapons.

The other brother has been questioned in connection with the home invasion. However, it is unclear whether he has been detained. As things stand only the brother whose house was searched has been detained on suspicion of terrorist activity.

The Federal Judicial Authorities are currently refusing to give any further comment on the case.

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