One in three care home workers in Brussels haven't been vaccinated against corona

For the first time, vaccination rates among health workers in hospitals and nursing homes across Belgium have been published. In Brussels, only about two in three employees in resting homes have been jabbed so far, it turns out.   

Figures supplied by the Federal Knowledge Centre for Health Care (KCE) have revealed that 30 percent of Brussels care home employees haven't been vaccinated against Covid yet. The figures apply to 3 September. 

Only 67 percent has been double-jabbed. This means that vaccination for resting home staff in Brussels is about the same as the general Brussels vaccination level among adults, which stands at 65 percent. Professor Dirk Ramaekers of the vaccination taskforce says "there is a lot of work to be done" in the capital. "Care workers should give the right example to the rest of the population", he adds. 

The figures have been collected and released to get more staff vaccinated in the end. Ramaekers says that patients also have the right to have more transparency about the people that are taking care of them. The good news is that hospital staff in Brussels are doing a lot better with over 84 percent having been immunised.   

Across Belgium, hospital staff boast higher vaccination rates than care home employees. It's especially staff younger than 45 that fail to get the jab.  

Vaccination rates in hospitals and care homes (WZC) in the different regions are displayed in the chart below: 

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