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Belgium's biggest pumpkin has grown to over a ton

Mario Vangeel of Kasterlee, the Flemish pumpkin town 'par excellence', is gearing up for the Belgian and European pumpkin championships early October. The massive pumpkin is 3.56 metres wide and 5.42 metres in circumference."

"It is estimated that my pumpkin weighs 1,020 kilos at present," Mario told the VRT, "but she can still gain some weight." 

The world record belongs to an Italian with 1,226 kilograms. The Belgian championships take place on 2 October in Kasterlee, with the European championships one week later in Ludwigsburg. So Mario's pumpkin still has a little time to gain extra weight. Blankets and lamps are used to make life as comfortable as possible for the giant. 

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