Train between Dendermonde and Antwerp completely evacuated after a brawl

All passengers on a train running between Dendermonde and Antwerp yesterday evening had to get off due to a fight between two youngsters. The train was stopped in Nieuwkerken near Sint-Niklaas where it was evacuated. 

Two minors got involved in a heavy argument on the train, our colleagues of the regional radio channel Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen report. When the situation threatened to get out of hand, the train guard decided to have the train stop in the next station where all passengers had to leave the carriages. 

One minor was transferred to hospital with light injuries, while the other managed to flee the scene. After 20 minutes, the service could be resumed. However, due to the delay, the train only continued to Berchem instead of Antwerp. Two other train services were scrapped. An investigation has been started. 

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