Corona reproduction figure climbs above 1, epidemic is gaining ground again (though slowly)

Corona statistics are more or less status-quo: the number of new cases and hospitalisations is slightly down on the week, while the number of fatalities is slightly up. However, the R-value which tells us whether the epidemic is shrinking or gaining strength, has climbed above 1 again to reach 1.02. 

Between 20 and 26 September, 1,935 new cases were reported each day, a 6 percent drop on the week. The number of tests remained stable with 47,000 each day. The positivity rate went down a little bit to reach 4.5 percent (-0.3 percent). This means that 45 tests out of each 1,000 turned out to be positive.  

Fewer corona patients have to go to hospital be treated. Their number has dropped to 54 per day, which is 5 percent down on the week. A total of 699 Covid patients are being treated in Belgian hospitals at present, of whom 207 in intensive care. The latter remains stable on the week. The number of fatalities is 20 percent up on the week as 8 corona patients per day are passing away.

The R-value has reached 1.02, despite the excellent vaccination rate in many parts of the country. This means that each 100 corona patients are passing on the virus to 102 people and that the epidemic is gaining ground.       

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