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Uber taxi protesters in Brussels demand "new and fair taxi plan"

About 200 taxi drivers have held a protest ride on the small Orbital Road in Brussels. The protesters are people driving limousines to provide taxi services to people via the "Uber X" app. They are still short of a legal framework and demand clear rules via "a new, fair Brussels taxi plan". 

This morning, it was virtually impossible to order a taxi via the "Uber X" application on your smartphone. All the so-called limousines (with number plates starting with a 'T') had assembled at the North Station for a protest action. They demand a new and fair taxi plan for Brussels. 

"Flanders reformed the taxi sector a long time ago. This is not the case in Brussels, sadly enough. After 7 years, we are still in the doldrums. This is not normal", Asmaa Snaibi of the umbrella organisation representing the drivers told the VRT. 

The drivers have to work under a complicated status. The cars are owned by self-employed, who next offer their taxi services with themselves as driver. They have to deal with stricter rules than the normal, classic taxis. These can pick up clients at Brussels Airport and at the stations, while Uber X drivers can't. They often break the rules, and often get fined. 

The Brussels PM  Rudi Vervoort launched a proposal for a new plan yesterday, but protesters gave it thumbs down. They assembled at Mr Vervoort's office this morning to voice their discontentment. 

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