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23 transit migrants apprehended at Zeebrugge, 9 people detained

The Maritime Police at the West Flemish port of Zeebrugge have apprehended 23 transit migrants that were hoping to cross the North Sea and illegal enter the UK. The migrants were apprehended at various locations around the port. 9 of them had been apprehended at the port several times before. They were questioned by an Examining Magistrate and are now in custody. 

The transit migrants were detained by the Maritime Police on Wednesday night. Of the 23 people apprehended, 9 had been apprehended at the port several times in the past. After questioning them an Examining Magistrate decided that they should remain in custody. The 9 transit migrants that have been detained are from Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. They had hoped to be able to cross from Zeebrugge to the UK illegally.

The port authorities and the Maritime Police are currently being forced to deploy a lot of resources to deal with the issue of transit migrants that try to enter the port aboard freight trains.


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