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Nowhere in the world is more coffee stored than at the Port of Antwerp

Friday 1 October is International Coffee Day. To mark the occasion our colleagues at VRT Radio Antwerp spoke to Kenneth Budts of the coffee broker Molenbergnatie. The Port of Antwerp is very important in the international coffee trade. Nowhere else in the world is more coffee stored than at Antwerp docks. 

Around 400,000 tonnes of coffee beans are stored at warehouses at the port. This is enough to make 43 billion cups of coffee.  Kenneth Budts told VRT Radio 2 that Molenbergnatie is “the biggest coffee broker at the port and as such the biggest coffee broker in the world”.

"Our warehouses are full of sacks of coffee from Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia and many other countries”.

Antwerp is the most important coffee port in the world.  "For centuries coffee from the four corners of the world has been traded here. Belgium has the ideal climate to store coffee. The temperature and humidity levels here rise and fall only very gradually. Coffee beans don’t react well to climatic fluctuations. Antwerp is also better located to supply Southern Europe with coffee than the Dutch or German ports”.  

Molenbergnatie’s coffee beans are sold to customers all over Europe.

"Our customers include large international coffee brands, small local coffee roasters and everything in between. The market for specialist coffee has grown strongly in recent years. More and more often we are sending small shipments of special coffee or someone comes to us to collect a sack or two of coffee beans”, Mr Budts said.

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