Currently no plans to offer under 65s a third jab

At the Vaccination Task Force’s weekly press briefing, the Task Force’s Head Dirk Ramaekers (photo above) told journalists that there are currently no plans to offer people under the age of 65 that don’t have specific health issues that affect their immune system a third dose of coronavirus vaccine. However, there are sufficient doses of the vaccine in the country to be able to do this if deemed necessary. Mr Ramaekers also said that some particularly vulnerable people might even be given a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine. 

People with health issues that affect their immune system, people over the age of 65 and residents of care homes can, if they wish, get a third shot of coronavirus vaccine. The administration of third doses has already started in Flanders and will get under way in Brussels from the beginning of next week.

However, giving a third dose to other groups is currently not on the cards as “For the time being there is no scientific arguments for us to do so”.

If scientific research were to conclude that it would be useful for the wider population to be given a third a vaccine dose, Belgium will have enough coronavirus vaccine to be able to do this.

"The country has joined a European contract for 23 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine and a smaller back-up contract for the Moderna vaccine. This provides for a potential third jab and the possibility of a fourth jab”, Mr Ramaekers explained.

The possibility of administering a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine will only be looked into for very specific groups. Mr Ramaekers stressed that it is still “premature” to talk about giving these groups a fourth jab and the results of additional scientific research will be examined before any decision is made.

Any vaccine doses that are surplus to requirements here in Belgium will be given to the UN’s COVAX programme. 

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