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Litter louts and fly tippers beware

During the coming week the “Keep Flanders Tidy” campaign Mooimakers is organising its 5th Enforcement Week. Over the next 7 days litter wardens will be out in force across the region in what is a redoubling of the efforts to stamp out litter and fly tipping in Flanders. Local authorities, local police services and inter-municipal refuse collection companies are joining forces in the clamp down. CCTV cameras will be set up at locations particularly badly affected by litter and/or fly tipping.  

The Enforcement Week is always held during the first full week of October. The aim is not only prevention, but also to make the public aware of the issues they create when they drop litter or fly tip.

Mooimakers’ Els Grommeren told VRT News that the Enforcement Week can be compared with the “speed trap marathons” that are periodically held by the police services.

“Checks are carried out throughout the year, but for one week each year the issue of litter and fly tipping is at the top of the agenda”.

Members of the public will be spoken to about their (mis)behaviour, and they will be offered alternatives that will allow them to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. Clear-up operations are also being staged as rubbish tends to attract yet more rubbish. Those caught dropping litter risk anti-social behaviour fines of up to 350 euro.  A total of 187 of the 300 Flemish municipalities are taking part in Mooimakers’ Enforcement Week. A total of 397 initiatives are taking place during next 7 days.

"Litter and fly tipping cost local authorities a lot of money. But also, they have a big impact on the environment. There are animals that choke on litter and there is litter that ends up in cows’ stomachs because it has been mixed into their feed”, Ms Grommeren told VRT News.

Moreover, local authorities receive a lot of complaints about litter. People that do dispose of their litter responsibly become frustrated when they see that others don’t. Furthermore, litter and fly tipping create a feeling of insecurity.

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