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Opening for first Flemish Wild Boar Co-ordinator

Are you a little bored with your present job and in need of a new challenge?  Well, just maybe the Province of Limburg may have an opening to your taste.  The most easterly of Flemish provinces has just posted a vacancy for a wild boar co-ordinator.

So what does a wild boar co-ordinator do I hear flandersnews readers wondering.  He or she will have the enviable task of bringing the various parties involved in issues relating to wild boars around the table. 

The wild boar co-ordinator will have jurisdiction across Flanders, but as Limburg remains the main fiefdom of this animal Limburg Province has been allowed to post the vacancy.  Applications need to be in by 18 October.

The co-ordinator’s job will involve “stimulating sustainable cohabitation with Limburg’s and Flanders’ growing wild boar population”.  He or she will serve as a “bridgebuilder, able to offer solutions to limit the damage caused by wild boars and keep the Flemish wild boar population in check”.  

Environmental organisation Natuurpunt has been pressing for the appointment of a co-ordinator for years.  Jos Ramaekers: “We need somebody to make sure all parties involved are speaking to each other.  At the minute a lot of people are talking over other people’s heads.  I believe the co-ordinator must first and foremost invest in prevention.  The animals are here to stay.  We need to focus on damage limitation and ensure everybody can get along with them.”

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