The stars of the European flag point upwards, but on the Belgian app they point downwards.

“Even commission president Von der Leyen didn’t notice!”

It has emerged that there are problems with the representation of the European flag on the CovidSafeBE app, the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate.  A VRT radio listener noticed that in the app logo the stars of the European flag point downwards, while they should point to the heavens.

Gert De Gelder of Digital Flanders has promised to rectify this error as even commission president Von der Leyen is reliant on the Belgian app. De Gelder says the error happened by mistake and hadn’t even been noticed by EU officials: 

“European officials were all vaccinated in Brussels.  This means they, and even commission president Von der Leyen, use the Belgian app.  We even received congratulations from the European authorities with regard to the app design.”

The fact that the European stars are pointing in the wrong direction on the Belgian doesn’t impact on the validity of the app.

“The stars don’t need to be scanned.  It’s the QR code that is scanned.  Don’t worry, the app has not been hacked.”

Developers soon hope to rectify the error.  A new app version is launched on 18 October.

“The new version will include a video for under 18s showing them how to download their certificates.  The Passenger Locator Form that has to be filled in if you spend over 48 hours outside the country can in future also be filled in using the app. We thought these would be the most important improvements, but it’s now going to be the starts” jokes De Gelder.

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