Ed Sheeran offers his support to the VRT’s “Warmest Week” campaign

The British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has offered his support to this year’s VRT “Warmest Week” campaign. The theme of the 2021 Warmest Week campaign is “Be who you want to be”. On Monday Ed Sheeran spent the day here at the VRT’s broadcasting centre where he gave a series of interview an performed a concert for a handful of invited guests. 

Those at the concert were given the chance to ask the world-famous musician questions. Ed Sheeran’s concert at the VRT and the question and answer session will be broadcast on the VRT’s first television channel Eén on 19 December.

In addition to promoting people’s right “To be themselves”, this year’s Warmest Week campaign will raise funds for projects that help people struggling with issues surrounding their own self-image.  

Ed Sheeran told The Warmest Week’s Siska Schoeters he had only been able to make a big step on his road to stardom once he had been able to be himself. Previously he had been typecast as “the new James Blunt”. 

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Just as he was about to give up, Ed Sheeran decided to start doing what made him happy. He stopped constantly asking himself what people thought of him. 

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Thanks to Ed Sheeran’s support 108,429 was raised straight away for projects that enjoy the support of the Warmest Week campaign. Monday’s visit was the start of this year’s campaign that will run until just before Christmas.

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