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Two suspects detained in connection with murder in Ostend’s red-light district

The Bruges Examining Magistrate has arrested two Frenchmen suspected of having murdered another French national in the red-light district of the West Flemish coastal city of Ostend last weekend. The man accused of actually having stabbed the man denies having intended to kill him. 

The prime suspect in the case travelled from his home near to the northern French town on Dunkirk to Ostend with a friend to visit the red-light district. They did so in the prime suspect's Volkswagen Golf car. However, the prime suspect denies that he drove them there.

At around 5:45 am on Sunday morning the two men that have been arrested came across an acquaintance on the Vooruitgangstraat. For reasons still unclear there was a heated discussion. What is certain is that the 30 year-old man was stabbed and died an hour later in hospital.

The prime suspect has double French-Algerian nationality. He is reported to have hurled insults at his victims, who is of Moroccan descent, about his roots. The second suspect claims that the dispute centred around a cigarette. Which of the suspects took the knife to Ostend will be the subject of further investigation.  

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