Police launch 24-hour speeding offensive

Belgian police have embarked upon twenty-four hours of intensive speed checks on motorists.  Checks are being carried out on motorways and secondary roads.  The operation will conclude at 6AM on Thursday.

Officers belonging to the federal police and over a hundred local forces are taking part.  Speed remains a killer on Belgian roads.  The police message is “Slow down, you’re being filmed!”

“Speed is one of the most important reasons for accidents and for injuries resulting from RTAs” explains Carl Vyncke. “The faster you drive, the worse the injury.  The faster you drive, the less you notice around you”.

This is the second so called ‘speed marathon’ of the year.  During a first outing in April, when homeworking was the rule, 4% of drivers were speeding.  Checks were mounted at 619 locations.

Last year 2.8 million drivers were caught speeding in Flanders alone.  Today there’s a big chance of getting caught.  In future 161 average speed camera systems are being added to police armoury in addition to the 238 existing ones.

The Flemish Traffic Foundation also launched its speed campaign this week.  80% of Flemish drivers acknowledge the point of speed limiters but one in three motorists concedes it’s difficult to stick to the limit.  A fifth of drivers say they regularly forget to clock their speed.

Flemish mobility minister Peeters notes the figures show a somewhat lax approach to speeding among Flemish drivers: “Speeding increases the risk of a serious accident.  There’s a reason speed limiters are in place” she says.

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