“Masking continues at a third of businesses”

Since 1 October face coverings are no longer mandatory at work.  Still, a third of Belgian businesses are continuing to require their use in certain circumstances. 

Physical distancing is still required in many situations and businesses intend to ensure extra ventilation and disinfect premises even if it is no longer legally required. If risk analysis shows that face coverings are appropriate employers can still legally insist that staff mask.

“It’s necessary to communicate such measures effectively and explain to workers why such decisions are taken” says Matthias Debruyckere, legal expert at Liantis. “Employers are legally bound to safeguard the health of employees.”

Human resources services provider Liantis quizzed 1,500 Belgian companies.  The results show that many businesses remain cautious and are wary of employees falling ill and a fourth wave of coronavirus.  However, only ten percent of businesses intend to make an extra investment in homeworking.

Ninety percent of those polled are eager to organise team events that require a physical presence. 

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