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First C40 Recharge rolls off Volvo's Ghent assembly line

A first specimen of Volvo’s new electric car has rolled off the production line at the Swedish car manufacturers’ Ghent plant.  A first model of the C40 Recharge was assembled today.

Prime minister Alexander De Croo did the honours and drove the first vehicle off the production line.  The vehicle has a range of 420km before it needs to be recharged.  The basic version costs 60,000 euros.  The C40 Recharge is Volvo’s second full electric model. Volvo expects only to produce electric cars starting from 2030.  In our video Volvo Car Gent managing director Stefan Fesser explains why this production is good news for the Ghent plant that has a workforce of 6,500.

PM De Croo says the big challenge is to fill the jobs that are being created here:  “It’s the big priority in our preparations for the federal budget.  How can you ensure that people are encouraged to take up jobs like these?  How do you make working here more attractive financially?  In the State of the Union address I will explain how it’s going to be done.”

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