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It’s official: Covid Safe Ticket required to go for a pint in Brussels from 15 October

The Brussels regional parliament has passed a law that will see the scope of activities for which a Covid Safe Ticket is required greatly extended in the 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels-Capital Region. Like in the rest of the country people that wish to attend large-scale events are required to provide proof of immunisation, a recent negative coronavirus test or recent recovery from COVID-19 in the form of a Covid Safe Ticket. 

Since 1 October those visiting discotheques and night clubs in Brussels have been required to provide a Covid Safe Ticket in order to gain entry. This can be downloaded into a smartphone app or provided in paper form. The Covid Safe Ticket contains a QR code that contains the relevant information.  

From Friday 15 October a Covid Safe Ticket will be required in Brussels in order to be allowed access to bars, cafés, restaurants, sports clubs, cultural centres and care homes and hospitals. The measure was approved by the Brussels regional government last weekend and received the backing of the regional parliament at a plenary session held on Friday. 

Only those that visit the above-mentioned places will be required to provide a Covid Safe Ticket. A waiter working in a restaurant, a carer working in a care home, or a nurse working are three examples of people that under the law passed by the Brussels regional parliament on Friday will not be required to provide a covid safe ticket in order to gain access to their respective places of work. Hospital patients are also exempt. 

However, those working in the above mentioned places must wear a face covering while at their place of work if they don't have a Covid Safe Ticket. The measure will remain in force for three months (until 15 January) and an evaluation of their effectiveness will take place each month. 

Anyone caught flouting the rules risks a fine of between 50 and 500 euro. Those responsible for the organisation and/or running of an event, business or institution where Covid Safe Tickets are required risk fines of up to 2,500 euro if they fail to observe and enforce the measures passed on Friday.

No Covid Safe Ticket will be required for those wishing to visit the pavement terraces or other outside areas of bars, cafés and restaurants. In shops and on public transport (where face coverings are still mandatory) no Covid Safe Ticket will be required. Similarly, educational activities and workplaces are exempt as are private indoor events with fewer than 50 participants and private outdoor events with more than 200 participants.

The authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region took the decision to extend the scope of the Covid Safe Ticket due to the relatively low vaccination rate in the capital compared with Wallonia and Flanders. 

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