22,000 extra trees to be planted in Flemish Brabant municipalities bordering Brussels

At the start of Woodland Week (Week van het bos) the Flemish environment Minister Zuhal Demir and the Flemish Minister with responsibility for the area of Flemish Brabant peripheral to Brussels Ben Weyts (both nationalist) have announced a 2-million-euro investment in nine projects. In the Flemish Brabant municipalities that are adjacent to Brussels the equivalent of 70 football pitches’ worth of additional publicly accessible green space will be created.

Nine locations just outside Brussels have been selected. Vilvoorde, Dilbeek and Zaventem are among the Flemish Brabant municipalities that will benefit from the investment. The Flemish Government says that it is making the investment to help preserve what is already there and to extend the amount of publically-acessable land that is given over to nature and greenery in the area that surrounds Brussels.

Mr Weyts told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that "The focus here is on publicly-accessible green areas that residents and visitors are able to enjoy. The public at large is little served by large green areas that are fenced in and whose gates are locked”.

As part of the 2-million-euro investment 22,000 additional trees will be planted. In Beersel reforestation will take place to restore some of the Zitterbos that was destroyed in order to build the Brussels Orbital Motorway.

Elsewhere, work will start on the Mullebos, an area of ecological woodland close to the Flemish Brabant municipality of Dilbeek’s border with the Brussels-Capital Region.

Further projects include The De Molens park in Vilvoorde, the Zavelbos in Zaventem and the Koldam Park in Hoeilaart.


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