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32 people apprehended in large-scale police operation around Brussels North Station

Police in Brussels have apprehended a total of 32 people in an operation to improve security around Brussels North railway station. Of those detained 25 had been found not to have the relevant papers permitting them to reside in Belgium. The 7 others were detained because they were in possession of illegal weapons, mainly knives. 

The police operation took place after a recent increase in criminal activity in the area around Brussels North station. Crime and people not feeling safe has long been an issue in the area around the station. However, the situation has deteriorated further recently.

Recently the bank BNP Paribas Fortis that has offices not far from the station took on security staff to act as bodyguards to escort its staff from the station to their offices.

A total of 65 officers took part in Saturday evening’s operation. 50 of these were from the Brussels North Local Police Service the other 15 were officers from the Federal Police Service. 

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