80 organisations take to the streets to call for measures to tackle climate change

Although the coronavirus crisis has made demonstrations of any scale all but impossible for the past one and a half years, an issue that prior to the onset of the pandemic brought tens of thousands of people onto the streets has not gone away. Climate change is still very much an issue as are the calls for effective measures to be taken to tackle it. 

Today (Sunday 10 October) more than 80 organisations are taking to the streets of Brussels to call for action to be taken to stem climate change. The Back To The Climate march comes ahead of a European Summit on climate and just a few weeks ahead of the Climate Summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow. The organisers of Sunday’s demonstration hope to send out a strong signal.

The Vice-Chair of the Climate Coalition Zanna Vanreterghem told journalists that "The message is simple. We are asking for ambitious, coherent measures that show solidarity. We need a Belgian New Green Deal, and we are putting forward more than 100 firm proposals to realise this”.

The organisers of Sunday’s march cite the extreme weather conditions that have caused floods, forest fires and heatwaves both at home and abroad to back up their case.

"Bold policies are needed to limit the effects of climate changes as much as possible. Moreover, the historic ruling in the Klimaatzaak case and the new IPCC report this summer have sent out an unprecedented signal to address the causes of climate change and to alter the course of Belgium’s climate policies”, Ms Vanrenteghem added.

She went on to say that it is now time for politicians to follow through on the bold promises that they have made over the past few years. The organisers of the march say that the coronavirus crisis has shown that a far-reaching transformation of how we live is both possible and necessary.

Where and when?

Those taking part in the march with gather around Brussels North railway station at 1pm. The march will set off from there at 2pm. It will make its way around the Brussel Inner Ring Road and then along the Wetstraat to the Schuman Square and then onto the nearby Jubelpark where there will be speeches from members of the Climate Coalition and victims of this summer’s flooding. 

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