Heritage Minister provisionally revokes “protected monument” from four sites in Flanders

The Flemish Heritage Minister Matthias Diependaele (nationalist) has announced that “protect monument” status is being provisionally revoked from four sites in our region. These are the electric tower crane at the former Boelwerf shipyard in Temse (East Flanders), the Ieper Lido (West Flanders), the chimney of the brick factory at Ramskapelle (West Flanders) and the centre of the village of Lembeke in East Flanders. 

The local authorities in the municipalities in which the four sites are located will now hold public enquiries during which anyone that wishes to will be able to give their comments on or objections to the Minister’s provisional decision. Based on the results on the public enquiries, Mr Diependaele will decide whether the provisional revocation of “protected monument” status becomes definitive.   

The tower crane at the Boelwerf was built in 1957 and was taken to Temse in 1982 after the Cockerill shipyard in Hoboken (Antwerp) went bankrupt. When it was granted protected status in 2004 it was one of the last remnants of the Boel shipyard. Mr Diependael says that 17 years later times have changed and public support for the crane having protected status has disappeared. The Minister is pressing for a lasting solution for the crane.

The protected status for Ieper Lido is being revoked as the municipal authorities in Ieper and the Flemish Water Company have plans to work on the town’s canals.  Mr Diependaele says that as this work is for the common good of all in Ieper it is more important than the preservation of a lido as a monument.

Mr Diependaele says that the protected status for the centre of Lembeke has been (provisionally) revoked as the preservation of the Bouchaute house (photo above) in the village centre no longer enjoys the support of locals.



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