Almost half of employers in favour of extending the Covid Safe Ticket to the workplace

According to the results of a survey carried out by the HR services group Liantis almost half of companies in Belgium are in favour making the Covid Safe Ticket compulsory in the workplace. The Covid Safe Ticket contains information on the holder’s vaccination status, the results of any recent coronavirus tests they might have taken and whether they have recovered from coronavirus during the past 6 months.

Liantis surveyed 1,504 employers. Currently companies that employ more than 50 people can, though their occupational physician, ask the authorities to tell them what percentage of their employees has been vaccinated. However, Liantis’ study found that almost half of employers felt that this doesn’t go far enough. They would like to know for sure which of their employees have been vaccinated and who has not.  

Liantis’ legal advisor Matthias Debruyckere told the press agency Belga that "Of course we understand the employers. They are legally obliged to protect the health of their employees. Knowing whether or not a colleague in the workplace has been vaccinated can contribute to ensuring this”.

"However, it is currently impossible for an employer to demand that their employee provide a corona pass (Covid Safe Ticket). The law simply doesn’t allow it. Moreover, it is up to the employees to decide for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated. And finally, an employer is absolutely not allowed to gain access to their employees’ medical records".

Meanwhile, 36% of the employers surveyed said that they were doing all they could to convince those that work for them to get vaccinated against coronavirus. 25% of those surveyed said they were prepared to allow vaccinations to take place at the workplace it this were to become possible.


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