Fleming second at European Pumpkin Championships

A pumpkin grown by a grower from Kasterlee in Antwerp Province has come second at this year’s European Pumpkin Championships. Although Mario Vangeel’s pumpkin weighed in at more than a tonne, 1,106.5kg to be precise, it was firmly beaten by a pumpkin grown in the Italian region of Tuscany. 

The European Pumpkin Championships took place on Sunday in the German town of Ludwigsbrug.

The Italian farmer Stefano Cutrupi had also won last month's World Pumpkin Championships with his pumpkin that then weighed in at 1.226 tonnes. Although it had lost some of its mass by Sunday’s European Championships, at 1.2175 tonnes it was still more than heavy enough to take first prize.

Third prize went to the French grower Medhi Daho whose pumpkin weighed in at 983.5 kg.

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