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Investigation launched after “Kalashnikov” fired from balcony of Brussels flat

The Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service has opened an investigation into images appearing to show someone firing a Kalashnikov from the balcony a of flat were published on social media. The incident happened on the Antwerpsesteenweg, north of Brussels City Centre. The police are now investigating whether the machine gun that is featured in the video is a real Kalashnikov. 

On Saturday evening Mario Thys of the police union NSPV shared the images that had been doing the rounds on social media with the press. They show a masked man armed with what appears to be a Kalashnikov machine gun shooting into the air from the balcony of a flat in a block on the Antwerpsesteenweg.

It is probable that the images were shot for a music video for a song by the Brussels rapper Gotti Maras. The rapper had already shared the images on his Insagram account.

Olivier Slosse of the Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service told journalists that “The investigation is ongoing. A request to shoot the video had been made, but we had refused permission”.

"The reason why permission was refused was a lack of information about what exactly was going to be filmed. In any case, no mention of a gun of any kind was made in the request for permission to film".

Mr Slosse went on to say "The images show an item that looks like a Kalashnikov. We no need to ascertain whether it was real”.

If the Kalashnikov turns out to be real, the case will be handed over to the Judicial Authorities.  

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