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12th baby on the way as Gwenny decides to call it a day

Gwenny from Staden (West Flanders) is expecting her 12th baby.  Aged only 32 she says it will be her last. She believes certain limits have now been reached.  The family drives around in two large cars, but Gwenny says “We like to stick to the rules.  With a twelfth child the two cars’ legal capacity will have been reached!”

Gwenny Blanckaert and Marino Vaneenoo, aged 39, are looking forward to the arrival of a new addition to their family in April.  “It will be a boy” says Gwenny “and just like all its siblings its name will be a combination of the letters: A, E, L and X. The couple’s eldest is called Alex.  He has siblings called Axel, Xela, Lexa, Xael, Xeal, Exla, Leax, Xale, Elax and Axle.

“We’ve already found a name for the new baby.  There are several combinations left, but some are impossible to pronounce.  Still, we found one.”

Many people may think a family of this size is hard to manage, but Gwenny doesn’t see the problem: “People always think of a worst-case scenario, but in real life it’s quite easy to manage.”

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