Photo kindly provided by Antwerp police.
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Driver loses licence after party bike drives through red outside police station

A party in high spirits travelling up in Antwerp on a pedal pub came a cropper when the party bike drove straight through a red light outside a police station.  Officers, who saw the scene unfold before their very eyes, stepped in.  The driver and all his passengers were over the limit and were obliged to continue their revelry on foot.

Beer cycles or bar bikes are a multi-passenger human-powered form of transport popular with groups celebrating stag nights and team-building efforts.  They were invented in the Netherlands in 1997. Some pedal bars can accommodate up to twenty passengers!

When Antwerp police noticed the vehicle fail to stop at red the driver was breathalysed and found to be over the drink-drive limit.  His licence was withdrawn on the spot. 

Antwerp police spokesman Willem Migom: “Even if you are found to be drunk on an ordinary bike, you will be required to hand in your licence. The same goes for party bikes.  The driver of such a vehicle is expected to stay sober”.

None of the passengers were sober enough to take charge of the situation and the party bike rental company was obliged to come and collect their vehicle at the police station.

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