Eurostar to provide additional services during the festive season

The international rail operator Eurostar has announced that it will be providing additional services between Brussels and London during the Christmas and New yYar period. Eurostar says that demand is continuing to rise on its services between the UK and continental Europe. During September there were four times the number of bookings on Eurostar services as there were during September 2020.  

Currently Eurostar is running 3 services a day between London and Brussels. Between 12 December and 8 January this will be increased to 5 trains a day each way. 

Although this is a considerable increase, it is still a far cry from the number of services that were operational prior to the coronavirus crisis. Two of the services from London to Brussels will continue on to the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

Eurostar’s spokeswoman Stefanie Van Mierlo told journalists that all Eurostar tickets can be exchanged up to 7 days ahead of travel and that like on other trains passengers on Eurostar services are obliged to wear a face covering. 

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