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Ghent night clubs unhappy with Covid Safe Ticket

Several night clubs and discotheques in the East Flemish city of Ghent want the obligation for clubbers to provide a Covid Safe Ticket in order to enter a club to be scrapped. The club-owners point to practical issues such as queues gathering outside their establishments due to the time it takes bouncers to check the Covid Safe Tickets of everyone wishing to enter. 

Gerald Claeys of the Ghent Nightlife Council told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that “People aren’t able to get inside quickly. This is a shame because we want, we want to be accessible".

Since 1 October night clubs and discotheques have been obliged to ask their customers to produce a Covid Safe Ticket as a prerequisite to entry. However, this can sometimes prove problematic. "Sometimes people arrive with a smartphone whose battery is flat and then they are unable to show their ticket, so you have to disappoint people”, Mr Claeys told the VRT.

While night clubs and discotheques are obliged to check that their customers have a Covid Safe Ticket, most dance cafés are not. Mr Claeys says that his club De Charlatan is only a little larger that a large dance café, yet his staff are obliged to check Covid Safe Tickets. The disadvantage of carrying out the checks is that “it sometimes becomes very busy on the door as people aren’t able to get inside quickly”. 

While Mr Claeys understands why there are measures in place, he believes that things could be done differently. “A business where less than 400 people can dance doesn’t have to use the Covid Safe Ticket. This puts the breaks on things a little. Both for those running the clubs, organisers and for customers”.

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