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How much in the new embarkation tax going to cost?

The Belgian government has agreed to introduce a new embarkation tax on airline passengers taking short flights under 500km.  The measure is one of a raft introduced to shore up the federal budget.

It’s not yet clear how much the embarkation tax will cost.  This is a matter for a working party.  Figures between 2 and 20 euros have been circulating. The tax is supposed to discourage short-haul flights to nearby destinations in neighbouring countries.  The levy already exists in Germany and the Netherlands. 

Benjamin Clarysse of environment organisation BBL says the tax is a very small step towards creating a level playing field for journeys by rail and air: “The federal government expects the tax will raise 30 million euros in extra revenue, but you have to realise the government already provides the aviation industry with a bonus of 446 million euros a year as a result of the cut in VAT on airline tickets”.

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