Extras needed for ‘Zillion’ movie

600 extras are still needed for the filming of the motion picture ‘Zllion’.  The extras will feature in scenes shot at the Kokorico discotheque in Lievegem (East Flanders).  They have the task of dancing as if they were at the Antwerp Zillion discotheque that gained notoriety due to links with vice and criminal activities in the 90s.

The film tells the story of the Zillion, the notorious Antwerp discotheque that served as a vice and crime temple in the 90s.  Matteo Simoni stars as porn king Dennis Black Magic.  Filming started last summer, but many scenes still need to be shot.

Kokorico’s boss Roger Kerremans says his discotheque will soon resemble the Zillion, a discotheque he is very familiar with.  Both discotheques have the same lighting installation.  Kerremans built the installation at the Zillion together with Techno-Construct and then built a copy at the Kokorico. The installation will be crucial in recreating the Zillion atmosphere. His discotheque is also being rebuilt to resemble the Zillion inside.  Computer special effects will give the impression that the movie really is being filmed at the Zillion.

Shooting takes place on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October.  For the Thursday film producers are still looking for extras ready to throw a party.  On the Friday an erotic evening is planned with a foam cannon.  More extras are needed on 4 and 5 November when dancing scenes are shot.  Male and female extras aged 16 or more are needed.  Buffalo shoes are not a requirement, but most welcome to recreate the Nineties atmosphere.

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