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More than 1,000 women protest for safer streets after series of alleged rapes

Around 1,300 people, most of whom women, staged a demonstration near to the VUB and ULB universities in Elsene (Brussels) on Thursday evening. The protesters demanded safer streets and for action to be taken to tackle sexual violence. The protest came after a barman that works in two bars the area near to Elsene Cemetery allegedly drugged and raped a number of young women. 

The Judicial Authorities have opened an investigation into the allegations that first appeared on social media.

The Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service estimated that around 1,300 people took part in Thursday evening’s demonstration. The protest came about after one of the barmen that works in Waff and El Café bars allegedly drugged several women students' drinks and later raped them. The allegations against the man have been circulating on social media for several days as has a call to boycott both bars.

The Brussels Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged serial rapist and confirm that they have received several complains from women during the past few months. The investigation is looking into whether the alleged rapist is acting alone or if two (or more) rapists are at large.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Elsene Christos Doulkeridis (Francophone green) told journalists that he has a plan to improve safety for women (and others) that go for a night out in his municipality. Mr Doulkeridis says that he is prepared to act as a go-between between women that feel unsafe and those that run Elsene’s many bars.


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