3D line technology stops play for 7 minutes

3D line technology was employed in the Jupiler Pro League for a first time this weekend.  The technology is supposed to provide guidance in tricky offside decisions, but the technology got off to a flagging start in the Standard Liege v OH Leuven match.  The referee team needed seven minutes to come to a decision and for the duration of this deliberation the match was halted.

It's widely accepted 3D technology is more accurate than VAR offside technology, but not everybody was convinced its use would lead to a quick decision.  And they were right!

With Standard Liege 3-0 ahead Dragus was flagged as offside.  It was a question of millimetres and immediately became clear this was an excellent first test for 3D line technology that was being used for the first time at this level.  However, the decision was a long time in coming: seven minutes.  And, yes, Denis Dragus was offside very much to the disappointment of the home crowd.

OH Leuven benefited from the pause that allowed them to refocus and conclude the match 2-2.


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