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Dutch slaying: Belgian suspect enters frame after his name is shouted in court

There’s been a remarkable, surprise development in the search for a killer.  A new Belgian suspect has entered the picture after somebody shouted his name during an appeal hearing.

The case centres of the slaying of a 30-year-old man during a car chase in September 2015.  A second person in the vehicle survived the attack.  It’s never been properly established why shots were fired but it may have been a settling of accounts among drug dealers.

Three people were arrested shortly after the killing after they revealed their involvement to a police informer.  One of the suspects denied all involvement.  He points the finger of suspicion at somebody else but out of fear of reprisals against his family refuses to name him.  The three suspects are convicted and sentenced to prison terms of 30 years and life.

The three men appealed their conviction, but at the moment when the public prosecutor called for the 30-year jail sentences to be confirmed somebody in the public gallery shouted the name of a Belgian man, who already has form.  The Belgian is linked to the three other men convicted.  Dutch media say that he hasn’t yet been arrested but that the murder enquiry is being reopened.  The appeal hearing resumes next week and the role of the new suspect will be discussed.

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