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Corona test relaxation for UK tourists

The West Flemish tourist sector has heaved a sigh of relief when it emerged that the group of experts that decides such maters has advised in favour of replacing the expensive PCR test by a cheaper alternative for UK tourists visiting the country. The development is particularly good news for the West Flemish tourist sector that is heavily reliant on British tourists.  They are currently obliged to get an expensive PCR test and this is holding them back from visiting tourist centres like Bruges and Ieper.

Especially in Ieper tourism is highly reliant on British custom.  “Until now Brits have needed a PCR test even if they were fully vaccinated” says Flemish socialist lawmaker Melissa Depraetere.  “In the UK a PCR test can easily cost 200 euros.  It holds them back from visiting.  It’s a particular blow for the tourism sector.”

Stefaan Vanderstraete runs Menin Gate Accommodation for Groups that offers accommodation for British tourists visiting Flanders Fields.  “The relaxation means Brits will once again be knocking on our door.  Armistice Day will once again be a day of remembrance for us and for the Brits visiting Ieper.”

The relaxation is set to kick in at the end of October.  For British youngsters there is still a problem.  They only received one Pfizer shot, while for Belgium two is required.  When they will be welcome is not yet clear.  

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