Agreement reached to end the strike at Lidl

Management and the trade unions at the supermarket chain Lidl have reached an agreement that has ended 6 days of strike action. Management has agreed to implement measures that will address pressure of work issues at Lidl’s stores. The dozens of supermarkets that were closed due to strike action yesterday will all reopen at 2pm today. 

The strike at Lidl started last week. Staff downed tools as they were unhappy with an increase in workload. Many (but not all) of the chain’s stores have been closed as a result of the strike. On Monday 70 of Lidl’s 300 stores in Belgium were strikebound.

After hours of talks management and the unions reached an agreement to end the strike late on Monday night.

The agreement includes an accord on a new collective labour agreement and on measures to reduce work pressure for Lidl’s staff. One such measure is increasing the size of the flying team. Members of the flying team are sent to stores that have staffing issues due to, for example, illness. 83 new flying team members will be recruited bringing the total number of staff in the flying team to 223. Measures will also be taken to speed up the recruitment of new staff at the individual supermarkets. Branches that have a higher-than-average turnover will be given additional support from head office.

Some tasks will be digitalised, and cleaners will be employed to carry out some cleaning duties. Next year management and unions will carry out a time and motion study at 12 Lidl supermarkets. From 2pm today all 300 of Lidl’s supermarkets across Belgium will be open again. 

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