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Antwerp’s Spoor Oost “vaccination village” to remain open until mid-November

The so-called “vaccination village” at the Spoor Oost site in Antwerp is to remain open for another month. Between now and mid-November, the first of the over 65s that are to receive a third dose of coronavirus vaccine will be vaccinated there. The Spoor Oost site is the vaccination centre that not only serves Antwerp, but also the neighbouring municipalities of Borsbeek, Stabroek, Wommelgem and Schoten. 

Once the “vaccination village” closes those wishing to be vaccinated in the area currently served by the Spoor Oost site will have to go to either Antwerp Expo or the Kinepolis multiplex cinema complex. In addition to this small-scale local vaccination centres will be set up at other locations in and around Antwerp.

With those over 85 already having been given the opportunity to get a third jab, currently invitations are being sent out to people between the ages of 65 and 84. Around 100,000 people in Antwerp, Borsbeek, Wommelgem, Stabroek and Schoten are being invited to make an appointment for a third vaccine dose. In order to ensure that this can be done as smoothly and as quickly as possible it has been decided that the opening hours at the vaccination village will be extended.

During the second half of November vaccinations will take place at Antwerp Expo. From the beginning of December those wishing to get a jab will have to go to the Kinepolis cinema on the Noorderlaan. In addition to this local vaccination days will be held at various locations including Stabroek, Schoten, Linkeroever and Wommelgem.

People require a first or second dose pf coronavirus vaccine can still get them at the “Vaccination Point” at the Erasmus and Stuivenberg hospitals or at the De Boskes Centre. 

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