Jonas Roosens

Margin of tolerance for speeding disappears on 7 motorways

In July Belgian justice minister Van Quickenborne (Flemish liberal) announced a clamp down on speeding.  Speed cameras and average speed camera systems will operate round the clock and virtually no margin of tolerance will be granted.  Today speed checks along seven stretches of motorway became stricter.  Motorists speeding at 129km/h or more where 120 km/h is permitted will be fined.

In 2019 644 people died in Belgium’s traffic.  That works out at 44 deaths per million inhabitants and is well above the average.  Our neighbours in the Netherlands (31) and Germany (33) perform much better.

Mr Van Quickenborne wants to increase the chance of getting caught when you are speeding.  Apart from the equipment’s margin of error no further margin of tolerance will be allowed.  Average speed camera systems will operate around the clock.  Speed camera systems can cut deaths by 56%, while a single speed camera only cuts deaths by 20% research has shown.

In Flanders expect extra strict checks on the E314 Motorway between Lummen and Halen and at the Craeybeckx Tunnel on the E19 in Antwerp.

In Wallonia where the problem is greater stricter checks are in place on the E42 between Fleurus and Jemeppe, on the A7/E19 between Seneffe and La Louviere, on the A16/E42 between Bernissart and Péruwelz, on the A54/E420 between Charleroi and Pont-à-Celles and on the A4-E411 between Assesse and La Bruyère.

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