Toyshop adds stones “to escape Bpost fine”

A toyshop in Sint-Antonius-Zoersel (Antwerp Province) has adopted an unusual approach to sidestep the postal service’s ‘density levy’.  This is a levy that Bpost charges on parcels that are ‘disproportionately light’ in comparison with their size. “We add painted stones to parcels with toys to avoid the penalty” says Pascale Schupp of Kiki Toys.

Bpost introduced the charge to deter web shops from sending items in parcels that are unnecessarily large as space is crucial to Bpost operations.  Toyshop Kiki often faces the penalty because toys usually don’t weigh all that much.  “Often the parcels just weigh a touch too little and we are fined.  To make parcels heavier we are adding stones to get to the right weight.  We include one painted stone to encourage children and their parents to do something creative.  We send over a thousand parcels a year.  The 25-cent penalty is just too much!”

The toyshop tries to keep parcels as small and compact as possible, but it’s not always possible. “When we send a light fluffy toy in the smallest possible parcel, we need to add stones weighing one kilo to avoid the fine” says Pascale. 

Bpost has no plans to ditch the levy: “We want to prevent us having to transport too much air.  The bigger the box, the more space it takes up in our vans.  We want boxes to fit what is in them and that can only benefit the environment” says Bpost’s Veerle Van Mierlo.

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