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No digs in Ghent? Student Tim builds ‘Tiny House’

Dutch student Tim Huijsmans can’t find student digs in Ghent.  “Either I commute from Maastricht or I sleep in an Airbnb” says the veterinary sciences undergraduate.  “I intend to build a tiny house.  I’m looking for a location.”

Many are the students studying in Ghent, who can’t find student digs.  They are forced to commute into the city every day or like some foreign postgraduates are being put up at the Holiday Inn. Tim sees a different solution: the tiny house.  The concept originated in America.  It’s an architectural social movement that advocates the downsizing of living spaces, simplifying and essentially living with less.  Tiny houses are defined as dwellings with up to 37 square metres floor area excluding lofts.   

Tim is looking for a suitable location in the Merelbeke area outside Ghent where the university veterinary sciences department is housed.

“Tiny houses are a relatively new concept in Belgium and the Netherlands.  Legislation hasn’t yet been properly defined.  Today all depends on the locality where you construct the tiny house when it comes to seeing what you can and can’t do.”

Tim concedes tiny houses don’t come cheap, but he points to all the euros that otherwise would go on rent.  “Tiny houses are an investment that pay their own way when you study for any length of time” says the Dutchman.

This is what a tiny house can look like inside
Foto Unsplash Clay Banks

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