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Trucks blown off the road in gales in Antwerp Province

The gales that battered the Flemish coast all night caused even more disruption up in Antwerp Province.  On the E19 Motorway that connects Antwerp City to the Dutch town of Breda two trucks were blown off the road. 

At Loenhout one truck heading for the Netherlands slid into a ditch and nearly overturned.  The lorry’s trailer was empty at the time making the vehicle less steady on the road.  The driver was badly injured and was taken to hospital.  The two lanes of the motorway remained open for traffic.

At Hoogstraten a removal van was blown onto the hard shoulder.  The lorry was full of possessions and is being towed away in the course of the morning.

The Antwerp fire service had a busy night, especially between 2AM and 3AM.  Callers rang in from across the province.  Most callers reported fallen trees obstructing the public highway as well as all kinds of items that had come loose due to the gales.

In Brasschaat a tree blocked the usually busy Bredabaan at Heislagsebaan.

In the City of Antwerp there were difficulties for drivers heading North on the Frankrijklei.  Blown away trees and road signs caused issues in Mechelen and Willebroek, while the local transport company De Lijn said its services were disrupted due to the gales.

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