Flemish Government wants everyone to be given a third “booster jab”

The Flemish Government wants everyone aged 12 and above in our region to be offered a third dose of coronavirus vaccine. Previously it was decided that everyone aged 65 and over would be given a booster jab. At a cabinet meeting held on Friday morning the Flemish Government decided that this should be widened to cover the entire population that is currently eligible for vaccination (everyone aged 12 and above).

The Flemish Government says that the decision to offer a third vaccine dose to everyone that wants one has been taken to further increase Flemings’ immunity to coronavirus. Meanwhile, the first invitations to get a booster jab were sent out to pensioners several weeks ago and some have already been given a third dose. Associations representing medical staff have said in the past that those working in (health) care also would like to be given a third dose.

It is still unclear how and when the Flemish Government’s “wish” will become reality. In order to be able to offer everyone a third dose the Flemish Government will need to get the green light at a federal level through the Inter-Ministerial Conference of Belgium’s various health ministers and the Consultative Committee that meets next week. First of all, advice will be sought from the High Council for Health. The High Council for Health will be asked to assess the public health benefits of administering a booster jab to everyone aged 12 and above.

What is also unclear is what role the vaccination centres will play. It is probable that most if not all booster jabs will be administered there. If this is the case, they will be required to scale up their operations and remain open beyond their planed closure dates. Extra volunteers will also be required. When it was announced that the over 65s would be given their booster jabs at the vaccination centres many of those that run the centres were unhappy that they weren’t informed until the last minute. 

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