Hospital admissions due to corona reach five-month high to exceed 100 per day

The spike in corona figures in Belgium is being continued. The number of hospitalisations is 70 percent up on the week and has exceeded the symbolic number of 100 per day again, for the first time since the month of May. 

The latest surge has pushed the total number of Covid patients in Belgian hospitals to 1,100. This number is one third up in one week's time. 250 patients are in a bad way and had to be admitted in intensive care, one third more than the week before last week.  

Over 4,000 new cases are being reported each day, a rise of 65 percent on the week while the number of Covid tests only went up 20 percent to reach 54,100 per day. 

The R-value or reproduction figure has risen to 1.37. This means that 100 new patients will pass on coronavirus to 137 others. The epidemic will gain momentum as long as the R-value remains above 1. The number of Covid fatalities has climbed to 13 per day last week. 

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