arie kievit

Up to 10 times more chance to be hospitalised with Covid if you haven't been vaccinated

It is still very useful to get yourself vaccinated against corona, despite a surging number of new cases in Flanders, a region with a high vaccination rate. This was shown by the latest statistics presented by the Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon. 

The vaccine is 70 percent effective against a mild form of Covid and 90 percent against serious disease or hospitalisation. So chances are a lot smaller, but vaccinated people may still end up in hospital. 

It's especially people over 65 or those with underlying diseases who end up in hospital after being vaccinated. 

However, a vaccination is still more than useful, statistics show. Out of each 100,000 people in Belgium, 0,9 vaccinated people are being hospitalised due to Covid in the 18-64 age category. This figure is 9.8 among not vaccinated people in the same age category, 10 times higher. 

The difference is somewhat smaller but still significant in the 65+ age category: 8.8 versus 25.3 or three times higher for the non-vaccinated. 

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