The Vilvoorde town hall (archive picture).
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Tervuren, Wemmel and Vilvoorde already taking extra corona measures

Municipalities in Flanders are free to decide on more stringent corona measures if they think this is necessary. Some have already done so, like Wemmel, Vilvoorde and Tervuren. 

Wemmel and Vilvoorde, two municipalities situated at the edge of the Brussels Region, have reintroduced a Covid Safe Ticket for certain places and events. They are afraid many Brussels residents would come over to attend certain events if they didn't, considering the strict Brussels corona rules. A mouth mask is still mandatory in various places. 

Tervuren has made mouth masks mandatory in schools. Teachers and parents will have to wear one until the autumn break if they can't respect social distancing. 

The municipality of Oudsbergen (Limburg) is taking it one step further. Local residents have been asked to limit the number of contacts for 10 days, until 29 October at least. 

Wommelgem (Antwerp) had all children between 6 and 12 tested for Covid yesterday after a recent spike in new cases. The local mayor decided to have the several hundreds of children tested to relieve the pressure on local GP's and to take away their parents' worries or questions. The result are expected for tomorrow. Wevelgem (West Flanders) has reintroduced a Covid Safe Ticket for events of 100 people and more. 

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